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As this week winds down, closing arguments are being presented in the jury trial of the wrongful death/product liability suit filed by the family of a child who died in a fire after the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee he was riding in was struck from behind causing the fuel tank to rupture.

Linden, VA – 04/02/2015 It is extremely unfortunate that the Walden family members have lost their precious baby to a senseless death. Even more unfortunate is that they aren’t the only ones grieving the loss of a loved one who took their last ride in a Dangerous Jeep. Many others have suffered the same fate. Even more unfortunate again is that the senseless deaths continue. On October 5, 2012, Jenelle Embrey was prey to a tractor trailer that plowed through vehicles stopped for road construction. Jenelle and her passenger survived. They witnessed victims in the Dangerous Jeep disappear into the flames. Chrysler wants the public to believe that they, and any Dangerous Jeep victims who died after a high-speed impact, would have died anyway, but Chrysler does not offer any statements on the fact that the one person pulled from that Jeep is alive and well.

Jenelle Embrey never before considered authoring a book. She is busy with her two sons, caring for an adult cousin with intellectual disabilities, fostering animals for her local animal shelter, holding down a full-time job, and continuing her crusade against Chrysler vowing to do so until people stop burning to death in Dangerous Jeeps. As people continue to burn to death, she has heard one common theme from surviving loved ones. They speak of what could have been had they only known their family vehicle increased their risk of a fiery death. Jenelle Embrey decided to document her findings so that others may learn about how their own Dangerous Jeep can incinerate their loved ones. The key goal behind this memoir is to spread the word so that people stop burning to death. It seems that Jenelle’s efforts to warn potential innocent victims, of their danger, far surpass any warnings by Chrysler. To the contrary, Chrysler has woven a tangled web of deceit and it is all documented in her memoir.

Jenelle Embrey refuses to gain financially from her book; therefore, every penny of profit from her story will be donated to charities associated with her story including the Center for Auto Safety and several charities local to Ms. Embrey such as Central Virginia Burn Camp for Children, Humane Society of Warren County, and Special Olympics Area 13.

Dangerous Jeeps and Me was released this week. Full-color (39.99) and less-expensive black/white (13.99) paperback editions are now available as well as the Kindle edition (4.99) at The audio book (price not yet set), narrated by Jenelle Embrey herself, is in the final stage of production and will be available by month’s end at

Jenelle Embrey

Jenelle Embrey never gave auto safety much thought and clearly never thought she would ever dedicate the rest of her life to such a subject. Although she still claims not to know much about the industry, she knows what she witnessed and she immediately knew it was wrong. She subsequently researched and learned that something is very wrong. That something speaks to the tone of homicide by a corporate giant and a “looking away” process by a government agency that is supposed to be protecting us. She remains in communication with experts in the industry to stay abreast of important information regarding Dangerous Jeeps. She has documented this information in her book in a very efficient manner intertwining the ghastly details with her own personal life that she lives while campaigning against these death traps.

For more information about Dangerous Jeeps and Me, please visit or contact Jenelle Embrey personally at 540.635.7607.


Full-color version of Dangerous Jeeps and Me is available for purchase, to benefit non profits and charities, at

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