Chrysler Attorney About To Cry When Telling Jury It Wasn’t Their Fault

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Morning closing arguments in the Walden V Chrysler trial have come to a lunch recess and the summation of the morning from an insider is as follows:

Second Chrysler attorney wrapped up around noon. His manner (discussed below) began to make more sense later in the testimony. He was trying to tell the jury that a finding of between $1.375 and $1.719 million would be reasonable for the value of Remington’s life. That was after he said that “Bryan Harrell’s fault does not morph into Chrysler liability.” At one point, Butler objected twice within a brief period, both of which were sustained. The attorney resumed talking about matters which the judge had ruled inadmissible, so Butler stood up and said, “I don’t want to have to keep standing up because he’s violating the law.”

Bryan Harrell’s attorney said Harrell took responsibility for the accident from the first minute and has been paying the price in county jail since. But Harrell believes he did not actually cause Remi’s death, ‘we think the evidence shows that if this gas tank had been located in front of the rear axle there would have been no fire’ (paraphrased). “Almost indisputable, it really is. There would not have been a fire at all had that gas tank been located forward of the rear axle” – (Verbatim). Said Harrell saw Remi alive in the back seat and that there were no injuries to anyone else involved in the collision, which goes against Chrysler assertion that accident was very severe. “Keep hearing this collision was so severe…common sense tells you that…the if the initial impact were so severe, there would have been injuries.” Argued that Remi did die in the fire, per the Medical Examiner whose testimony was not disputed. He then talked about awarding damages and how, if the jury decided to award any, they could be split up between Harrell and Chrysler however the jury sees fit.

Breaking now for lunch before Jim Butler gives final closing. They will be back at 1:30pm.

The Chrysler attorney now talking to the jury about what damages might be appropriate in this case…it’s very strange. He’s appealing to the jury as if Chrysler is the victim. It’s bizarre and very off putting (in my personal opinion). Saying in a very obsequious manner, (paraphrased) ‘It is my firm belief when you clearly consider the evidence that you will be drawn to no other conclusion than a verdict in favor of Chrysler.’ But said in a way that sounds like he’s about to cry…

Butler’s son spoke for under an hour, arguing Chrysler knew about multiple instances of fires in rear impact collisions. Talked about failure to warn about reasonably foreseeable danger. Referred back to Estes testimony talking about how Chrysler engineers admit the rear gas tanks were vulnerable. Says the driver of the Dodge Dakota should only be responsible for pain and suffering for Remington’s broken leg, Chrysler should be responsible for his death.

Chrysler attorney just gave first round of Chrysler’s closing arguments, he started by asking the jury to put their sympathy aside. Took the position it was a severe accident with incredible crush and damage and that it’s indisputable that Chrysler met all 301 standards at the time they were produced. Also argued 301 standards exceeded international standards. Made the case that NHTSA is the best organization of its kind and wouldn’t bend to political will. He also repeated Chrysler’s assertion that Remington may have died in the accident, not the fire…in which case it’s definitely not their fault. But it’s not their fault anyway (according to the attorney) because Bryan Harrell pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter. Jim Butler has successfully objected to multiple points in the defense closing arguments – Chrysler attorneys keep trying to make points that were not part of testimony in the trial.

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